Since 1997, The Earphone Connection, Inc. has worked diligently to deliver professional and innovative two-way radio accessories to the law enforcement industry. Headquartered in Southern California, EPC introduced the first wireless microphone with push-to-talk, the first quick release cables and many other ground breaking products to redefine the status quo. No one likes to settle for mediocre.

While our growth has been based on our commitment to provide our customers with product knowledge and dedicated customer support, our success has been based on our ability to accept suggestions, ideas and feedback. Then, we improve our products based upon those suggestions.


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Situational awareness is critical for police in a dangerous encounter. An earpiece allows officers to hear communications clearly and prevents bad guys from hearing what could turn the situation against them. But many don’t wear an earpiece is because it can be uncomfortable, block ambient sounds and reduce situational awareness. That’s why we built the Fin Ultra™ Ambi Eartip. It’s made of soft silicone rubber to make it comfortable for all day use and allows ambient sound to pass through for improved situational awareness. Plus, it is the first ambidextrous ear tip, so you can wear it in the left or right ear.

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It’s all too familiar to law enforcement: You are connecting your two-way radio accessory to your radio and the pins do not line-up. You’re fumbling and twisting, many times bending the pins, causing detrimental wear and tear to your radio and accessory. The Ear Phone Connection has solved this problem with their new EC “Easy-Connect” system. The new design features two alignment arrows, one on the strain relief cable connector portion of your Hawk EC Lapel Microphone and the other is located on the EC “Easy-Connect adapter. The radio connection is immediate and secure.

NEW FOR 2021


Attach your favorite earbuds and go Wireless to your radio! EPC’s new Air Pro Wireless Kit is now compatible with all your favorite TWS Wireless Earbuds* like Apple Airpods™, Beats™ & AfterShokz™ to name a few.  Pair the combo kit with your Wireless Earbuds for the ultimate personalized kit. Simply pair the Bluetooth Remote PTT to activate your Wireless Earbuds with your finger remotely. Perfect for undercover operations! Mount to a handlebar, weapon or attach to your finger to key up remotely. Available for Motorola APX, XTS and Harris radios *Wireless Earbuds are not included.

Rhino Blue Speaker Microphone w/ Wireless PTT:

The Rhino Blue Speaker Microphone with Wireless PTT takes the traditional speaker microphone to a whole new level. First, we add a rechargeable wireless Push-to-Talk button (PTT) for endless PTT hands-free possibilities. Another game-changer is the Mic Switch/Reset button on the backside of the microphone. You can connect a headset like a throat microphone or boom microphone or with the press of a switch, you can transition to a listen-only earpiece. The cutting-edge affordable kit adapts to any situation. Whatever your mission, Rhino Blue has an answer.

Tubeless Line Enhancements:

Our tubeless line has completed a full evolution. Like with any product that is new to the market, the design has been tweaked and features have been upgraded. We’ve taken the feedback from officers & made some notable changes. First, we added the swivel to the earpiece, which has made it much more versatile. We adjusted the length of the cable & tightened the “simple release” connection. We added a strong metal clip to ensure secure attachment to the body. And most recently, we added a secure “Ear tip Lock”, which prevents the ear tip from coming off, keeping it securely in place.