Chameleon EC Dual PTT Body Microphone

Chameleon EC Dual PTT Body Microphone

Chameleon EC Dual PTT Body Microphone


In critical situations it is imperative that the push-to-talk function (PTT) is easy to get to and works every time. To combat transmission anxiety, we developed the Chameleon Dual PTT Body Microphone. Slightly larger than the typical lapel microphone but still compact enough to work around all the body worn accessories, the Chameleon easily adapts to anywhere you place it. With PTT buttons on either side of the microphone you are rest assured your transmission will be received. Optimal for wearing gloves, vests and tactical gear. Kit includes your choice of earpiece and Fin Ultra Ear Tips for all day comfort.


The Chameleon EC “Easy-Connect” features on-target visual alignment that improves the ease of connection to the radio, reducing wear & tear on the connector.

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  • Robust & Durable Dual PTT on both sides of the mic, making it easier to grip the microphone for clear transmissions. Optimal for wearing gloves & tactical gear.
  • Chameleon microphone can be used as the primary stand alone mic with earpiece or in conjunction with an external EPC boom or throat microphone by way of a butterfly switch.
  • Equipped with a 2.5mm audio jack and your choice of earpiece.


Learn about our new CHAMELEON EC Dual PTT Body Microphone, available now for many radio makes and models.