Nighthawk Bluetooth Microphone for POC Apps

Nighthawk Bluetooth Microphone for POC Apps

Nighthawk Bluetooth Microphone for POC Apps


With the emergence of popular mobile PTT apps, the Nighthawk Bluetooth Body-Worn Microphone is especially unique because its functional Push-to-Talk (PTT) button enables it to work in conjunction with these new apps that are found in many industries. As a result, the Nighthawk Bluetooth Microphone for POC is the ideal choice for professionals. Plus, when it comes to all-day comfort, nothing compares.

The Nighthawk Bluetooth Body-Worn Microphone is a wireless device with Push-to-talk (PTT) capability that supports a wide range of communication needs. The Nighthawk stands apart from the rest, with 12+ hour talk-time, durable & rugged housing that offers more long-term durability, as well as custom-designed earpieces that deliver enhanced comfort and decreased exposure to radiation.

The Nighthawk is a multi-functional microphone, not only is it equipped with a PTT button for POC Apps, but it functions as a traditional mobile phone microphone with answer/hang up capabilities. Furthermore, when using the Nighthawk as your mobile phone microphone, the + or – buttons function as volume control and as a music controller with “+” advancing and “-“reversing tracks. The multi-function button answers and hangs up calls and plays and pauses music.

Our customers love the lightweight and clear sound that they experience. Choose from two different earpiece style options below: Long Tube or Short Tube.

Available for Android Platform Smartphones.

POC Apps: Contact, Zello, ESChat, AT&T, Verizon & Kodiak.


Earphone Connection, Inc. does not guarantee the performance of Bluetooth devices due to RF (radio frequency) interference. For more information, see our Bluetooth Disclaimer.


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  • Use with your favorite PTT apps on IOS and Android platform smartphones. (Zello, ESChat, AT&T, Verizon & Kodiak).
  • Body-worn microphone with removable earpiece for improved comfort & safety.
  • Talk time 12 hrs. / Standby: 150 hrs.
  • 3.5mm audio jack to accommodate an external earpiece or microphone, for even more field versatility.


The Nighthawk Wireless Body-Worn Microphone is the ideal companion for your Smartphone POC (Push-to-Talk) Apps. Learn more about all of the features and benefits here.