Torpedo Earbud

Torpedo Earbud

Torpedo Earbud


The original patented design of the Torpedo™ Aerodynamic earbud adds a whole new dimension to Situational Awareness. The fins on the Torpedo™ Ear Bud self-adjust according to the users ear without the need of sizing. The soft silicon fins contract or expand when necessary. The four aerodynamic fins attach to the core allowing for fluid ambient sound & radio transmission. The Torpedo™ Ear Bud affords the user unprecedented long lasting comfort unlike traditional “mushroom” tips. There is no longer a need to choose from left or right ear models and one size fits all ears. In addition the Torpedo™ universally fits most manufacturers acoustic tubes. Last but not least, the soft silcone composed tip is extremely easy to clean with water or an alcohol swab. Available in black and clear.

US Patent No. D659126


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