E2 Bluetooth Headset for POC Apps

E2 Bluetooth Headset for POC Apps

E2 Bluetooth Headset for POC Apps


With the emergence of popular mobile PTT apps, the E2 Headset for POC Apps is especially unique in that its two functional Push-to-Talk (PTT) button enables it to work in conjunction with these new apps that are found in many industries.

The E2 Bluetooth Headset for POC Apps is an innovative option for Android Smartphone users. The E2 headset is designed with 2 (push-to-talk) buttons and simultaneous listen feature. Users can pair to 2 different Bluetooth-enabled devices (smartphone and two-way radio). Plus, listen to dual audio from 2 Bluetooth sources at the same time. Other features include all-day 12 hour talk time and true noise cancellation.

The E2 Bluetooth Headset for POC Apps is currently available for Android platform Smartphones.

POC Apps: Contact, Zello, ESChat, AT&T, Verizon & Kodiak.

** IOS platform coming soon.


Earphone Connection, Inc. does not guarantee the performance of Bluetooth devices due to RF (radio frequency) interference. For more information, see our Bluetooth Disclaimer.


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  • Use with your favorite POC Apps on Android platform Smartphones.
  • The E2 can be paired to two Bluetooth Devices simultaneously.
    Connect with these dual link pairs:

    • 2 radios with Bluetooth adapters.
    • 1 Smartphone & 1 radio.
  • Dual microphones for true noise cancellation.


Use the E2 Bluetooth Headset for POC with your android Platform Smartphone Apps. View the video to learn all about the benefits and features.