Hawk EC Lapel Microphone

Hawk EC Lapel Microphone

Hawk EC Lapel Microphone


#1 Seller! The traditional Hawk Lapel Microphone is lightweight, professional, and discreet. Bulky cords and cables sacrifice safety and can weigh you down. The Hawk can be worn with body cameras and delivers reliable PTT communications when you need it most.

Finally, a solution to radio connectivity! The Hawk EC Lapel Microphone delivers the Easy-Connect system with Guide Arrows for many radio makes and models. The new design features 2 Guide Arrows: One is located on the strain relief cable connector portion of your Hawk EC Lapel Microphone and the other is located on the EC Easy-Connect adapter. This new upgrade ensures that radio connection is immediate and secure. The kit comes equipped with the clear acoustic audio tube, and one medium Fin Ultra™ Ambi ear tip that can be worn in the left or the right ear.

Disclaimer: Not all radio makes & models include the EC “Easy-Connect” feature at this time.


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  • Excellent audio quality.
  • Concealable and lightweight.
  • Microphone is sensitive to a whisper.
  • Enhanced Comfort: The Fin Ultra™ Ambi offers a perfect fit for both the left or right ear & the open skeleton design allows for more ambient sound to travel through the earpiece.
  • Connection type varies based on your radio make and model.


Learn about the Hawk EC Lapel Microphone and our new EC “Easy-Connect” Guide Arrow system, available now for many radio makes and models.

The microphone is very slim and easy to place on the uniform. This will help out with officers who wear body cameras & will save on space on the uniform. Communications was very clear & understandable.

Matt Maier, Minnesota Baxter Police Department