Micro Deuce Dual-Sided Tubeless Listen Only Earpiece

Micro Deuce Dual-Sided Tubeless Listen Only Earpiece

Micro Deuce Dual-Sided Tubeless Listen Only Earpiece


Introducing the affordable Micro Deuce Dual-Sided Tubeless Listen Only Earpiece. Now you get all the benefits Tubeless brings, but for both ears. The Micro Deuce delivers clear audio with no obstruction or sound loss, just clean audio from the source all the way to your ears.

The Micro Deuce features Easy-Swivel Speaker Rotation, Secure Ear Tip Lock & two durable metal clothing clips. And our Fin Ultra™ ear tips deliver instant comfort and full situational awareness without needing to turn up the radio. Say goodbye to ear fatigue and loud decibels. Great for high noise environments!

For added hearing protection, try our Micro NABs (Noise Attenuating Earbuds) and block out unwanted sounds. Listen to crisp clear communications without having to blast your eardrums.

Please check your radio equipment carefully to select the correct audio jack size when ordering.

Already have a Micro Sound Listen Only Earpiece? Want to try out the new Micro Deuce? Get the replacement part only to be used with your versatile Micro Connector, Click here.

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For quick access, click here to purchase additional ear tips for your tubeless earpiece.


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  • Dual-Sided Micro Sound Tubeless Earpiece! Get allthe Tubeless benefits for both ears!
  • No sound loss, moisture build-up, or tube maintenance.
  • Easy-Swivel Speaker rotates 180 degrees. Simple Release allows for easy replacements and easy switching between black & clear accessories. Secure Ear Tip Lock for secure ear tip attachment.
  • Great for high noise environments.
  • Includes Fin Ultra™ ear tips for all-day comfort.


2X the Tubeless Benefits!

I switched to this type of earpiece and I love it. I have not had any issues with them in the 6 months or so that I have been using it. The old style would always build up condensation and made it hard to hear. I am not a paid spokesperson or anything like that just a cop who likes this product.

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