Tubeless Fin Ultra All Day Comfort Ear Tips-Left & Right

Tubeless Fin Ultra All Day Comfort Ear Tips-Left & Right

Tubeless Fin Ultra All Day Comfort Ear Tips-Left & Right


**Note: Fitted for Micro Sound Tubeless Earpieces & Hawk M1 Tubeless Lapel Microphones Only! The standard size that fits most customers is Medium, but may vary depending on ear size.

See & Feel the Difference! The Fin Ultra™ ear tip delivers luxury comfort like never before. The open-skeleton design now features larger cut-outs allowing more ambient sound to travel through. The rounder contour of the Fin Ultra’s smaller cone shape tip fits more comfortably into the opening of the ear canal without penetrating the inside of the ear. The upgraded Fin Ultra is comprised of softer Silicone making it truly one of the softest ear tips available. Thanks to your feedback, the Fin Ultra is now fitted for Micro Sound Tubeless products and is better than ever!


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  • Designed to fit Micro Sound Tubeless Listen Only or Hawk M1 Tubeless Lapel Microphones.
  • New Softer Silicone gel for unprecedented comfort!
  • Less material for a better, more flexible fit!
  • Larger Cut-outs allow more ambient sound to travel through!
  • New smaller cone shape does not penetrate the inside of the ear, reducing ear fatigue.
  • New Rounded top fits comfortably inside the contours of the ear, keeping the tip securely in place.
  • Now available in Black and Clear!


The Fin Ultra ear tip is nice because I can hear things still in that ear even with the radio going. It’s more comfortable than any other ear piece I’ve used.

Darick Fisher, Ogden Police Department, Utah