Take Your Speaker Microphone to A Whole New Level With Rhino Blue

Take Your Speaker Microphone to A Whole New Level With Rhino Blue
August 26, 2022 Kelly Thompson

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Valencia, CA – October 2021:

The traditional speaker microphone in itself is a great tool, but there are downsides. Most specifically there is the issue of open-air communications, which can jeopardize officer safety in critical situations. In the opinion of Earphone Connection, a listen-only earpiece is a must and should be an essential part of the uniform. But what if you could go even a step further and plug-in even more accessories on the flyer without breaking the bank or carrying multiple accessory kits? EPC’s Rhino Blue Speaker Microphone Kit does just that—and more.

First, we add a rechargeable wireless Push-to-Talk button (PTT) for endless PTT hands-free possibilities. The PTT Transmitter links to the Rhino Blue Speaker via Bluetooth or RF pairing depending on your radio make and model. Simply hold the PTT button down for a few seconds until you see a flashing blue light on the PTT button, and you’re in business. Attach the wireless PTT to your finger, flashlight, handlebar, steering wheel, trigger guard, or wherever is most accessible for you. And, Since the button is rechargeable, the battery never needs to be replaced. A short charge and you are set for a whole shift (14+ hours). The wireless push-to-talk (PTT) switch frees up the user’s hands without the need for another cable to route or thread to avoid entanglements.

Another game-changer is the Rhino Blue Mic Switch/Reset button located on the backside of the microphone. The Rhino Blue Speaker Microphone with Wireless PTT from The Earphone Connection offers not just one solution, but several, all built into a single product. With a slide of the switch, users can smoothly transition from a traditional speaker/mic clipped to the lapel or shirt front to a listen-only earphone, to a boom mic, to a motorcycle radio helmet, all with the same unit.

 View a video detailing all of the features and benefits of the Rhino Blue Speaker Microphone Kit here. The cutting-edge affordable kit adapts to any situation. Whatever your mission, Rhino Blue has an answer. The Rhino Blue is available now a la carte or in bundles for most radio makes and models on Earphone Connection’s website.


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