Fin Ultra Ambi: No More Left and Right. One Tip Fits Either Ear

Fin Ultra Ambi: No More Left and Right. One Tip Fits Either Ear
May 23, 2018 sdcdesign

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Valencia, CA – January 2018:


An earpiece allows officers to hear communications clearly and prevent bad guys from hearing what could turn the situation against them. But many don’t wear an earpiece because it can be uncomfortable, block ambient sounds and reduce situational awareness. That’s why Earphone Connection built the Fin Ultra™ ear tip. The ear tip is made of soft silicone gel delivering all day comfort and allows ambient sound to pass through for improved situational awareness. The Fin Ultra™ Ambi is the next evolution, bringing the first ambidextrous ear tip fit for both the left and right ear to the market. No more left and right, less confusion and hassle for the user.

The concept originated from Earphone Connection’s first generation Fin ear tip two years ago. The ultimate goal was and still is: All day comfort. After many years of no other option but the rigid mushroom tip or the firm pink ear mold, the Earphone Connection was the first to bring the Fin ear tip to address the needs of the law enforcement community. The Fin’s soft silicone gel composition offered a higher level of comfort, but it lacked in allowing ambient sound to be heard. After receiving much feedback, the proper adjustments were made. By implementing an “open-skeleton” design, ambient sound was able to flow more freely. With law enforcement’s blessing, the Fin Ultra™ was born.

Currently all of Earphone Connection’s acoustic tube products are equipped with left and right medium Fin Ultra™ ear tips. The response has been great. President Ruben Scheimberg explains that, “Although we are proud of the success, it’s always been a goal of mine to come up with one ear tip that can accommodate both ears. This is when I came up with the idea to design a cone on each side of the ear tip.”

The Fin Ultra™ Ambi is constructed with a slit on the side of each cone to allow the acoustic tube elbow to be inserted. This allows the tube to fit on either side of the ear tip. Once again we sent out many samples and received valuable feedback. One officer reported that although he loved the concept, the cone tip of the Fin Ultra™ Ambi was causing some minor discomfort. Thanks to his comments the Ambi is now tailored with a rounder tip, removing the harsh edge that inserts into the ear. It literally feels like you’re not wearing an earpiece at all.

The Fin Ultra™ Ambi is available in both black and clear in small, medium and large sizes. Patent pending #: 15636607. Look for the Fin Ultra™ Ambi in retail stores and websites in February, 2018. Visit our web site to view all of our breakthrough tactical communication accessories at www.earphoneconnect.com.


Earphone Connection has been trusted by police for 21 years

Earphone Connection’s approach is simple. They listen closely to officers in the field, then design and build tactical communication accessories specifically for their needs. Every officer knows, a radio is only as good as what it’s connected to. EPC introduced the first wireless microphone with push-to-talk, the first quick release cables and many other ground breaking products to redefine the status quo. No one likes to settle for mediocre. Visit www.earphoneconnect.com to learn more today.


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