Introducing “Easy-Connect”, A Smarter Solution to Ease Radio Connectivity

Introducing “Easy-Connect”, A Smarter Solution to Ease Radio Connectivity
May 23, 2018 sdcdesign

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Valencia, CA – January 2018:


It’s all too familiar to law enforcement: You are connecting your two-way radio accessory to your radio and the pins do not line-up. You’re fumbling and twisting, many times bending the pins, causing detrimental wear and tear to your radio and accessory. Eventually, everything lines up correctly and you are finally ready to communicate.

The Ear Phone Connection has solved this problem with their new “Easy-Connect” system. The new design features two alignment arrows, one on the strain relief cable connector portion of your Hawk EC Lapel Microphone and the other is located on the EC Quick Release adapter. The radio connection is immediate and secure.

Watch this video illustrating the difference between traditional radio connection and Ear Phone Connection’s breakthrough EC “Easy-Connect” Connection. For law enforcement, the radio and earpiece is the lifeline. These seconds can be crucial, efficiency and dependability is a must. On product evaluation surveys, 100% of officers that were surveyed reported that the Hawk EC Lapel Microphone “Easy-Connect” system was an advantage over traditional connection. One officer stated that, “It’s great that I can now quickly and confidently attach the accessory cable to the adapter.” Another officer reported that, “The (Hawk EC) microphone is very slim and easy to place on the uniform. This will help out with officers who wear body cameras and will save on space on the uniform. The easy-connect is exactly that, quick and easy to disconnect and little to no issues connecting. Communications was very clear and understandable.”

The Hawk EC (Easy-Connect) Lapel Microphone will be available to retail stores and websites in January 2018.

Earphone Connection’s approach is simple. We listen closely to officers in the field and design communication accessories specifically for their needs. Every officer knows, a radio is only as good as what it’s connected to. Visit our web site to view all of our breakthrough tactical communication accessories at www.earphoneconnect.com.


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