Earphone Connection Announces the New Black Diamond Acoustic Tube Product Line: Black is the New Clear

Earphone Connection Announces the New Black Diamond Acoustic Tube Product Line: Black is the New Clear
May 15, 2020 sdcdesign

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Valencia, CA – April 2019:


When it comes to two-way radio earpieces, many users prefer the professional look of an acoustic tube earpiece. However, many also know that clear acoustic tubes can become permanently stained or discolored over time due to exposure to UV light, heat, second hand smoke, or pollution. This can leave the tube looking dirty and no amount of tube maintenance can reverse the discoloration. The Earphone Connection came up with a practical solution with the new Black Diamond Acoustic Tube Series product line. The Black Diamond series combines the same high quality audio with the sleek professional look of an acoustic tube in a black color variety.

Available in both coiled and short tube variations, The Earphone Connection is now offering the black tube as an option for all acoustic tube kits. Furthermore, every kit includes both a patented Torpedo™ ear tip and a patented Fin Ultra™ Ambi (Ambidextrous) ear tip in a matching black shade. Both patented ear tips are uniquely designed to promote comfort and safety with their own unique features. The Fin Ultra™ Ambi with a unique open skeleton design, can be worn in the left or right ear and is comprised of soft silicone gel that delivers all day comfort and more ambient sound. The Torpedo ear tip with a four-fin aerodynamic design offers the user full situational awareness, easy maintenance and also all day comfort. The Earphone Connection knows that comfort and safety are paramount and the two patented tips do not disappoint.

When asked about the new Black Diamond series, President Ruben Scheimberg stated that, “One of the key differences between Earphone Connection and other two-way radio accessory companies is that we are always looking to deliver more value with every earpiece. In this case, the customer can choose their color (black or clear), earpiece style (coiled or short) and they get unique patented products that go above and beyond the traditional earbud or earmold.”

Check out the Earphone Connection Black Diamond Line YouTube video here.

Look for Earphone Connection’s two-way radio accessories and their new Black Diamond product line at a uniform shop near you or search many online retailers. Visit www.earphoneconnect.com to learn more and to see all that Earphone Connection has to offer.


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