• Introducing “Easy-Connect”, A Smarter Solution to Ease Radio Connectivity

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Valencia, CA – January 2018:   It’s all too familiar to law enforcement: You are connecting your two-way radio accessory to your radio and the pins do not line-up. You’re fumbling and twisting, many times bending the pins, causing detrimental wear and tear to your radio and accessory. Eventually, everything lines up correctly and you are finally ready

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  • Micro-Sound-B&C-Product-Image

    Replace Your Dirty Audio Tube With a Sleek Tiny Speaker That Delivers Huge Comfort

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Valencia, CA – January 2018: With traditional Acoustic Air Audio tubes there are many moving parts equating to more vulnerability, more wear and tear and shorter life span. Sound can diminish or not be heard at all due to impurities or sound bubbles created inside the tube. Another issue is the clear tube discoloring usually truing an ugly

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  • Fin Ultra Ambi: No More Left and Right. One Tip Fits Either Ear

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Valencia, CA – January 2018:   An earpiece allows officers to hear communications clearly and prevent bad guys from hearing what could turn the situation against them. But many don’t wear an earpiece because it can be uncomfortable, block ambient sounds and reduce situational awareness. That’s why Earphone Connection built the Fin Ultra™ ear tip. The ear tip

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  • Interceptor 00 Image

    Introducing the INTERCEPTOR Bluetooth Speaker/Microphone for First Responders

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Valencia, CA – January 2018: The patent-pending INTERCEPTOR from the The Earphone Connection is the first of its kind on the market, offering the user both Wireless capability and Dual Pairing and 2 Push-to-talk buttons. The microphone is unidirectional allowing the user to move freely without sacrificing audio clarity and quality. The INTERCEPTOR Bluetooth Microphone delivers strength and

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