Air Pro Wireless Motorola APX / XPR Kit for Bluetooth Earbuds

Air Pro Wireless Motorola APX / XPR Kit for Bluetooth Earbuds

Air Pro Wireless Motorola APX / XPR Kit for Bluetooth Earbuds


Attach your favorite earbuds and go Wireless to your radio!

Important: Must use Motorola Standard 700/800 MHz GPS Antennae for best performance. Stubby antennas will not work.

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EPC’s new Air Pro Wireless Motorola APX / XPR Combo Kit is now compatible with all your favorite TWS Wireless Earbuds* like Apple Airpods™, Beats™ & AfterShokz™ to name a few. The Air Pro Wireless Combo Kit includes our new Motorola APX Multi-Functional Adapter (BTD-34-EC-S) and the Bluetooth Remote PTT (EP-BTR). You pair the combo kit to your Wireless Earbuds for the ultimate personalized kit. Simply pair the Bluetooth Remote PTT to activate your Wireless Earbuds with your finger remotely. Perfect for undercover operations! Mount to a handlebar, weapon, or attach to your finger to key up remotely. *Wireless Earbuds are not included.

Featuring Dual Connectivity: Pair Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds / Bluetooth Microphone or wired headsets.

  • Connect via Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds or Bluetooth Microphone
  • Connect wired microphones like the Hawk EC Lapel Microphone

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The Motorola APX Multi-Functional Adapter includes an innovative “On/Off” kill switch. “On” activates your Bluetooth devices and the “Off” will automatically revert to radio talk and listen. This safety net ensures that an officer is never without essential communication. Another key feature that ensures reliable communications is the “Bump-Free” PTT/Pairing Button. With many manufacturers’ adapters, there is an issue with inadvertently keying the radio up unintentionally. With EPC’s new design, the button is flushed so that your PTT button is only activated when you intend to do so. This ensures both efficiency and safety.

Earphone Connection, Inc. does not guarantee the performance of Bluetooth devices due to RF (radio frequency) interference. For more information, see our Bluetooth Disclaimer.

Click here to view our Air Pro Wireless Quality Disclaimer.  For more Motorola APX Air Pro Wireless Troubleshooting Tips, click here.


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  • Includes Motorola APX Bluetooth Adapter & Bluetooth Remote PTT
  • Dual Connectivity: Pair Bluetooth microphone or wired headsets.
  • Pair Kit with your favorite TWS Wireless Earbuds (Apple Airpods, Beats, AfterShokz, etc.)
  • Bump-Free Pairing/PTT button.
  • On/off kill switch: Turn ON & OFF Bluetooth devices. (”OFF” mode reverts radio to talk and listen).